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  4. loki-in-chains-tadah:

    Yes, sir! ;)


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  6. caelashay:

    It starts with a stone that defies mortality
    A pawn or a knight in an old chess game.
    Across seven stormy seas and battles
    It finishes with one that does just the same.

    Oppressed and alone underneath the hollows,
    A charging battery full of a mother’s love.
    Two flowers: One dead and one…

  7. divasanddiamonds:

    but actually….santa is running about 12 years behind

  8. im-shit-at-usernames:

    Don’t mess with me bro

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  11. Omg, I think it’s awesome.

  12. With Harry until the very end.

  13. Oh, Manchester, dear Manchester ❤️

  14. faketale-of-sanfrancisco:

    Lose Yourself in the Music

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